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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Polka Doodles

Image from Sundae of Seasons CD from Polka Doodles
Skin & Lips - Ivory, Blush, Dusky Pink & Berry Red
Hair - Tan & Cinnamon
Clothes - Baby Pink, Pale Pink, Pastel Blue & Denim Blue
Holly - Lime Zest, Marsh Green & Berry Red

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Teddy with Robin - Lili of the valley

Lili of the valley - Teddy with Robin
Robin: Berry Red, Cinnamon, Tan, Pastel Biege
Teddy: Cinnamon, Sandstone, Pastel beige and Tan for his paws
Snow: Pastel blue for shadow

Snow cute - Lili of the Valley

Lili of the Valley - Snow Cute
Body: Cool Grey 5, Cool grey 4, Ice grey 4, Ice grey 1
Beak and feet : Gold, Yellow
Flower: Maroon, Poppy
Background: tea green for the sky and Pastel blue shadow on the snow

Lili of the Valley - Snow Queen

Lili of the Valley - Snow Queen
Skin: Vanilla, Ivory
Hair: Gold, Yellow, Lemon
Dress: Vermillion, Rose Pink, Baby Pink
Shoes: Rose Pink, Baby Pink, Nutmeg
Snow: Tea Green for shadow
Sky: Pastel Blue
Stars: Gold Metallic

Christmas Angel Oval bauble - Lili of the Valley

The lovley Jane requested some more Lili of the Valley Christmas stamps I got some more today so coloured a couple up they are not on cards yet here is the first one :D
Lili of the Valley - Christmas Angel oval Bauble
Skin: Vanilla, Ivory
Hair:Umber, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Wings: Lemon for shadow
Cloths: Morning mist - Maroon, Poppy, Lipstick red
Bauble and bow: Gold, Yellow, Lemon - Maroon, Poppy, Lipstick red
Pine leaves: Pine, Grass
Background: Prussian, Petrol blue, Agean, Sky blue

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kenny K - Policeman

This is Kenny K's Policeman
Skin: Saffron, vanilla, IvoryTrousers, shoes and hat: Midnight blue, Egyptian Blue (flex), True Blue & black, Cool Grey 5 & 3, Metallic Gold for the badge and belt, Metallic silver for handcuffs
Shoes: Henna, Cinnamon


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Kenny K's Sexy teacher

The promarkers I have used are as follows:
Skin: Saffron, Vanilla, Ivory
Shirt and shoes: Glacia blue for shadow
Skirt and socks: Black, Cool grey 5, Cool grey 4, Cool grey 1
Hair: Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cinnamon, Ivory

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Whispy by Karen

Image - Whispy by Saturated Canary
ProMarkers & FlexMarkers
Skin - Ivory, Blush & Dusky Pink
Hair - Satin, Tan, Putty, Burnt Sienna
Clothes - Cool Aqua, Soft Aqua, Sorbet, Pale Blossom

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blowing Bubbles by Karen

Image - Blowing Bubbles by Digi Doodle Shop
Skin & Hair - Ivory, Blush, Dusky Pink, Buttercup, Sandstone
Dress - Cocktail Pink & Antique Pink
Shoes - Putty & Tan
Bubbles - Tea Green
Kitty - Tan & Putty

Monday, 23 July 2012

Willow by WOJ!

Promarkers & flexmarkers
Skin- coral, sunkissed pink & blush
Hair- umber, caramel & sandstone
Dress & shoes- magenta, shocking pink & cerise
Belt, bag & jewellery- cerise, apricot, black, warm grey 5, 4 & 3
Ground- antique white, almond & champagne

Friday, 20 July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mulberry Wood Christmas by Karen

Stamped image from Mulberry Wood Collection by Crafters Companion
Red, Crimson, Mustard, Moss, Burnt Sienna, Caramel, Satin, Putty & Tan.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Aliah from Crafts & Me

Aliah Digi Stamp from Crafts & Me
Skin -Ivory, Blush & Dusky Pink
Hair - Apple, Forest & Pine
Flowers - Sorbet, Pale Blossom
Butterfly - Buttercup

Monday, 9 July 2012

Which Is Sweeter? By Sureya

This gorgeous image is by the fantastic artist Sureya, you will find some of her images here!

Skin- coral, sunkissed pink & blush
Eyes- agean, sky blue & pastel blue
Hair- raw sienna, gold, sunflower & lemon
Ice cream- baby pink, pale pink, saddle brown & chestnut
Cone- cinnamon, nutmeg & pastel yellow
Strawberry- burgundy, red & forest green
Wafers- walnut, caramel, sandstone & champagne
100's & 1000's- carmine & sky blue
Ground- khaki, soft khaki & pastel beige

I have used a brown Prisma pencil to finish her hair!

Hugs Shell xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kenny K - Mermaid

Kenny K - Mermaid

Skin: Saffron, Vanilla and Ivory
Hair: Aubergine, Red Violet, Wild orchid, Orchid
Tail: Holly, Grass, Bright green, Meadow green
Shells: Putty for shadow
Lips: Rose pink, Baby pink
Arm band: Metallic gold
Dotty background: Sky blue, Aquamarine, Pastel blue, Honeydew


Kenny K - Rock chick

Kenny K -  Rocker chick

Skin: Vanilla
Hair: Gold and canary and I have left a white highlight
Top: Rose pink
Trousers: Sky blue and Duck egg
Shoes and guitar: Ice grey 3, Rose pink and Pastel blue for shadow on white areas

Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafters companion - Humphrey

Image- 'Humphrey' from the Humphrey's Corner set by Crafters Companion

Promarkers & Flexmarkers
Humphrey- blue grey 1, 2 & 3
Dungarees- storm blue, cadet blue & denim blue
Ground- chartreuse, grass & forest green
Flower- gold & cerise

Crafters companion - Little Miss

Image & sentiment- both off the 'Little Miss' Strawberry Kisses set by Crafters Companion
Promarkers & Flexmarkers 
Kitty- blue grey 1, 2, dove grey & baby pink
Bow- baby pink, rose pink & carmine
Bag- denim blue, cornflower, china blue, oatmeal, ginger, spice, baby pink, cocktail pink, antique pink, gold, crimson & red
Ground- khaki, soft khaki & light fawn
Sentiment- baby pink, cocktail pink, antique pink & cool grey 1

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kenny K - Devilish Donna

Kenny K - Devilish Donna 

Skin: Saffron, Vanilla and Ivory
Wings: Putty for shadow
Dress: Vermillion, Shocking pink, Sorbet
Hair: Magenta, Rose pink, Baby pink
Boots: Salmon pink and Pastel pink

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mo's Digital Pencil 'Cherry' by Karen

Mo's Digital Pencil - Cherry

Skin - Ivory, Blush, Dusky Pink
Hair - Primrose, Buttercup, Sandstone & Burnt Sienna
Cherries - Crimson & Moss
Clothes - Crimson, Berry Red & Lipstick Red
Basket - Terracotta, Honeycomb & Spice

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kenny K - Cute Lion

Kenny K - Cute Lion

I have coloured it in the following colours...
Body: Gold, Mustard
Mane: Mango, Amber
Eyes: Lush green, Grass, Lime green
Nose, inside of ears and tongue: Oatmeal
Mouth: Cool Grey 5

Friday, 8 June 2012

Little Elf Mim by Karen

Skin - Ivory, Blush & Dusky Pink
Hair - Burnt Sienna
Holly - Moss & Berry Red
Clothes - Glacier Blue (FM) Powder Blue & Arctic Blue
Bauble -  Blue Grey (FM) Glacier Blue(FM) Powder Blue & Arctic Blue

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ratatouille by Debs

Image - Saturated Canary - Ratatouille

colours used

Hair - Pastel Yellow, Ginger, Terracotta, Cocoa, Walnut, Shale
Skin - Coral, Sunkissed Pink, Putty, Baby Pink
Dress - Pinks - Cardinal Red, Antique Pink, Dusky Rose, Tea Rose(flex), Muted Pink(flex)
Greens - Khaki, Pastel Beige, Soft Green, Pastel Green, Grey Green, Tea Green
Apron - Cappuccino, Champagne and Linen (flex)
Shoes - Shale, Walnut, Cocoa

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lili of the Valley 'Mirror Mirror' by Karen

Lili of the Valley Stamp - Mirror Mirror

Coloured with ProMarkers and Flex Markers
Skin - Dusky Pink, Blush & Ivory
Hair - Sandstone, Buttercup & Primrose
Clothes - Sorbet (FMs) & Pale Blossom
Shoes - Soft Aqua (FM) & Cool Aqua
Mirror - Putty & Cinnamon, Putty & Light Fawn (FM)
Flowers coloured with Sorbet (FM)

Crafts and Me - Clematis

Crafts and me - Clematis

I have coloured her using the following pro and flex markers:
Skin: Saffron, Vanilla, Ivory
Wings and flowers: Watermelon, Baby pink, Pale blossom and Yellow (for flower centers)
Hair: Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cinnamon, Sandstone
Leaves (including the ones on her dress): Bright green, Meadow green
Dress: Pastle beige (for shadow)
Outline: Powder blue

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sweet pea stamps - The Serene Night

Sweet pea stamps - The Serene Night

I have coloured her with my promarkers as follows:
Tail - pastel green
Flowers and edges to her kimono - blossom
Skin - vanilla
tree and bird - tan
hair - cool grey 5
leaves - apple
shading on kimono - pastel blue

Dustin Pike - Boo boo Dudley

                                                             Dustin Pike - Boo boo Dudley

Coloured with the following promarkers

His body - Lime green
Scales - Grass
Belly and horns - Gold
Plasters - Saffron
Shadows on his caste, bandages and round him - Pastel Blue
Ground under im and around the edge of the sentiment - Sandstone