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Brown hair

To show all these colour combo's I have used "Edward" from The Greetings Farm. They go from light brown to dark brown.

Cinnamon, Tan & Satin

Umber, Caramel, Sandstone & Champagne

Cinnamon, Tan & Light fawn

Umber, Caramel, Sandstone & Antique white

Walnut, Cinnamon, Tan & Satin

Burnt sienna, Cinnamon & Tan

Umber, Caramel & Tan

Cool grey 4, Walnut, Caramel & Putty

Umber, Burnt umber, Cocoa, Cinnamon & Sandstone

Umber, Auburn, Nutmeg & Sandstone

Black, Walnut, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Tan & Almond

Umber, Cocoa & Cinnamon

Umber, Walnut & Caramel

Walnut, Cocoa & Cinnamon

Burnt sienna & Cocoa

Burnt sienna & Terracotta

Umber, Burnt sienna & Cinnamon

Umber, Walnut & Cocoa

Umber, Burnt sienna, Auburn & Nutmeg

Cool grey 5, Umber, Burnt sienna, Cocoa & Caramel