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Red hair

For these combo's I have used The Greetings Farm's Flirty Anya stamp. 

Mandarin, Pumpkin, Gold and Tullip yellow

Burnt Orange, Amber and Gold

Burnt orange, Spice, Pumpkin and Oatmeal

Henna, Terracotta, Spice and Apricot

Lipstick red, Mandarin, Pumpkin and Gold

Chestnut, Terracotta, Spice, Ginger and Oatmeal

Burnt Umber, Chestnut, Terracotta and Ginger

Burnt umber, Chestnut, Burnt Orange, Terracotta and Spice

Chestnut, Rosewood, Firebrick, Burnt Orange, Spice and Ginger

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