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Colouring scales

This is a very simplified tutorial as you can make this look amazing but I have tried to just keep it a bit simple so you can see the steps easily. You can use loads more dots and more colours to make it look even better.  This will work for mermaid tails as I have used it here or dinosaur and other reptiles so have fun with it.

For this I tutorial I have used this beauty drawn by the incredibly talented Amy Young. She is called Fathom Calmsea and is available from All that scraps Sweet November range.

I have coloured her with the following colours:

Tail: French Navy, Cyan, Cool Aqua and Powder blue
Hair: Burnt Sienna, Cinnamon and Sandstone
Skin: Baby pink, Saffron, Vanilla and Ivory
Stars: Gold and Canary
 So we have had colouring in lines and in tiny circles this is dots :D I started with the darkest colour which here is French Navy. I have lined down the back of the tail and then dotted across with more at the back and less to the front where it gets lighter.

The next colour to do your dots with is cyan and I have dotted over the darker dots and put a few more in than I did in the darkest colour and taken them further across the tail.
 For the third step I have dotted again and done lots of them this time then coloured with the same colour upto about half way

To finish I have used my 4th and lightest colour the Powder blue dotted again over the whole tail and used loads and loads of them before then colouring over the entire tail.

And here is what my finished image looks like

I think this is such a fun technique and you can do so much with it. In fact I have even used it for giving this House Mouse's cake more texture.

Have fun :D


Amy xx