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Limited colours

I have coloured Edward from The Greetings Farm using just 5 colours

Skin: Saffron
Hair and shoes: Burnt Sienna
Jumper: Pumpkin
Trousers: Olive Green

Pro markers are brilliant as you do not need to have loads of colours to get great effects. Here is how I have coloured Edward...

I started with his hair and with Burnt Sienna I did the bits that I thought would be the darkest. Then I waited a couple of minutes for them to dry before I went over his whole hair in the same colour again

I then waited for it to dry again and went over the darker bit again just to make them even darker and you can do this as many times as you like. Each extra layer you put on will be a bit darker so you can just build it up till you are happy with it. 

For the face I went over the whole face first just to show that you can do it that way as well. The picture bellow shows what it looked like when I put the second layer of saffron on and it was still wet. It blends in more when it has dried so don't be worried if it looks quite bold to begin with.

I have done the same with the pumpkin for his jumper, yellow for his shirt, olive green for his trousers and Burnt Sienna for his shoes. Put down a layer all over then added more layers once the first one has dried till I am happy that they look dark enough. And this is what he looks like all finished :D

If you have any questions please ask.


Amy xx